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  • Apixio Partners With Vim to Deliver AI-Powered Insights at the Point of Care

Apixio Partners With Vim to Deliver AI-Powered Insights at the Point of Care

Apixio Broadens Its Reach Into the Physician Workflow With Its Industry-Leading Insights


SAN MATEO, Calif., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Apixio, a leading healthcare data and analytics company, announces a strategic partnership with Vim, a leading middleware platform for U.S. healthcare, to enhance accurate condition capture during the patient visit and improve patient care. This initiative leverages Apixio’s expertise in analyzing structured and unstructured data for enhanced risk adjustment and enables seamless integration within clinical workflows. Apixio’s insights include sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor performance, promote provider participation, and identify educational opportunities. The collaboration features user-friendly tools that fit effortlessly into provider workflows, fostering greater adoption and engagement.


The healthcare industry is transforming significantly, shifting from retrospective to prospective risk adjustment and/or hybrid models to manage patient care and financial outcomes better. Prospective risk adjustment allows healthcare providers and payers to assess patient risk more accurately and timely, improving care management and economic performance. However, this shift presents several challenges, including seamlessly integrating insights into EHR systems and ensuring that these insights are delivered efficiently and effectively to clinicians at the point of care.


With this partnership, Apixio’s Prospective Point-of-Care solution amplifies physician engagement, going beyond conventional, rules-based EHR alerts. It combines Apixio’s expertise in deriving AI insights from both structured and unstructured patient health data with Vim’s advanced bi-directional EHR capabilities, providing high-confidence diagnosis insights directly into point-of-care workflows. These bi-directional EHR capabilities ensure up-to-date, accurate documentation is captured directly within the EHR’s problem list and assessment/plan section, reducing clinicians’ administrative burden while helping ensure complete and accurate coding. This intuitive and seamless experience enhances provider engagement and productivity while benefiting users across the Apixio Prospective Suite. 


“We’re excited with our platform-to-platform partnership with Vim to advance toward an outcomes-based healthcare system. Integrating Apixio’s AI insights and predictions into Vim’s EHR point-of-care connections enables clinicians to spend more time on patient care and less on administrative work,” says Sachin Patel, CEO of Apixio. “This partnership goes beyond just technology integration – it signifies a pivotal change in minimizing provider friction in prospective risk adjustment, which is key to enhancing patient outcomes.”


The partnership empowers providers and payers with:

  • Comprehensive AI insights at the point-of-care from Apixio’s industry-leading AI risk adjustment solution that identifies suspected and recaptured diagnosis conditions by mining through structured and unstructured data sources, such as medications, labs, radiology reports, encounter notes, and more.
  • Seamless integration across EHRs delivers efficient, user-friendly EHR integration, ensuring fast time to value, reduced manual effort, and accurate documentation with its advanced write-back capabilities.
  • High provider engagement and acceptance, resulting from the ease of access and usability of Apixio’s trusted insights within the provider’s workflow, helping drive better outcomes.
  • Track program performance with analytics and reporting to measure provider engagement and support provider education opportunities.


“With a shared goal of transforming healthcare, we see a great opportunity for our partnership with Apixio to make a difference in value-based care by taking the right steps toward a more efficient, informed, and patient-focused care delivery system and empowering clinicians with the right insights at the right time,” says Oron Afek, CEO of Vim.


With this partnership, Apixio expands the Connected Care Platform, which paves the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem by delivering actionable insights that help accelerate the shift to value-based care and help improve patient outcomes.


For more information about Apixio’s Prospective Point-of-Care solution and the entire suite, visit www.apixio.com/prospective-and-concurrent-risk-adjustment.


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Vim is a middleware platform for healthcare. Its flexible and scalable platform and unique and interactive integration layer unlock access to provider EHR workflows, allowing for the delivery of data, patient insights, and applications at the point of patient care. Vim’s partners can leverage Vim’s core applications or deploy their custom applications on top of Vim Connect – Vim’s in-EHR connectivity layer – accelerating time to market at reduced cost and improved flexibility. Digital health builders of all sizes, including national health plans, leading MSOs, and tech companies, use Vim’s platform to connect with over 2,000 provider organizations. For more information, visit getvim.com.


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