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Order Assist helps care teams select high-performing, in-network referral destinations during an EHR order with real-time data – this means fewer steps and more confidence in
patient care plans.

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Referral destinations, from specialists and radiology to laboratory and ambulatory surgical centers, are a critical part of efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of care. Many existing referral selection processes are multi-step (portals, phone calls, websites, etc.) or based on static preferred provider lists. These processes are slow, inefficient, and can lead to poor patient experience.

Vim Order Assist connects payer-preferred specialist recommendations to care team workflows at the point of referral, matching patient and referral details to referral destination quality and cost performance data, and seamlessly writing selections back into EHR workflows.

Order Assist


performance improvement with Vim embedded
at the point of referral

Vim Order Assist is fast to connect to, easy to use and offers immediate impact:

Order Assist

Unlock powerful insights at the point of care and within existing EHR order workflows ensuring in-network, high-quality referral destinations are selected for exceptional patient experience and less burden on the care team.

Order Assist

Encourage continued care adherence with powerful search filters including referral destination performance levels (badges and indicators), proximity to the patient’s home address and patient’s spoken language.

Order Assist

Drive standardized behavior to support a consistent clinic experience and results while maintaining physician or care team choice in selecting the best referral for a patient’s specific needs.

Order Assist

Save time and effort with a streamlined and in-EHR workflow referral process that gives care teams access to the most up-to-date referral information and includes EHR write back (when available) upon referral destination selection.

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