Prior Authorization Solutions With Vim
Prior Authorization Solutions

Prior Authorization Solutions

Vim’s Prior Authorization solutions condense a multi-step process into 3 digitally connected workflows. From automated prior auth checks and quick code lookup to case submission and status search and update – all without leaving the EHR.

Achieve Prior Authorization Workflows Without a Portal

Vim’s Prior Authorization application provides an end-to-end prior authorization workflow without the phone-fax-portal push. Prior authorization information is delivered when it’s most relevant during the point of care. And instead of a start-stop workflow that delays action, Vim’s solution drives the process forward from required authorization to case submission with the ability to check on the status of a submission and update it from a single view.

Prior Authorization Solutions

“…[the] convenience of not having to leave our EHR to search for Patient Health History or Prior Authorizations is the best.”

Prior Authorization Solutions

Modernize EHR workflows with a context-aware connection that uses active clinical orders to notify the user if a prior authorization submission is required – in real-time.*

Prior Authorization Solutions

Unify management of prior authorization status checks with searchable reference number.*

Prior Authorization Solutions

Reduce administrative burden within the existing EHR interface by replacing phone calls, faxes, portals, and other manual prior authorization steps.

* If available from payer data and/or third-party data source.

Prior authorization doesn’t have to be a negative experience for providers and patients. With Vim, the entire prior authorization workflow is at a care team’s fingertips so no unnecessary steps are taken and care delivery runs smoothly. With Vim’s Prior Authorization solution, users can act on all the data they see with no additional steps and processes to complete all required steps.

Prior Authorization Digital Solutions

Prior authorization (PA) in healthcare can be time-consuming, leading to delays and frustration for patients and providers alike. Fortunately, digital prior authorization solutions are now available to streamline the process and help you receive the care you need more quickly.

With these digital prior authorization solutions, you can easily submit requests, check eligibility, and track approvals with just a few clicks. These tools integrate with your electronic health records (EHRs) to automate tasks, reduce paperwork, and ensure they include all necessary information. As a result, you’ll have to deal with fewer back-and-forth communications with insurance companies, leading to faster approvals and ultimately saving you valuable time.

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