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Rx Assist

Rx Assist

Vim’s Rx Assist solution is an easy-to-use application that helps stakeholders better manage patient-specific medication workflows, improve medication adherence and adoption, and reduce the total cost of care.

Streamline Medication Workflows and Lower Costs

Vim’s Rx Assist application surfaces patient-specific medication adjustment recommendations and insights at the point of care instead of through manual and out-of-workflow channels such as phone calls, faxes, and spreadsheets.

Our in-EHR application delivers our customers’ Rx recommendation data within the context of the EHR and patient chart to:

Save the Patient Money and Better Manage Dollars at Risk by Presenting Rx Adjustment Opportunities at the Point of Care

Improve Medication Adherence by Exposing Clinicians to Pricing Transparency and Other Data that May Affect Patient Behavior

Reduce Provider Admin Burden Caused by Managing Out-of-Workflow Rx Recommendations

Empower Provider Clinical Decision Making with Patient-Specific Data and Gain Visibility into Prescribing Behavior and Cost Impact

Vim’s solution engages providers and lowers the complexity associated with medication adjustments. The result is improved collaboration across stakeholders, a physician who is confident in their care plans, and patients that are prescribed the medication they need while reducing the total cost of care and improving quality performance.

See how Vim Rx Assist streamlines the medication recommendation process directly within the EHR:

Health org’s 
patient-specific data
Rx Data Review for Adjustment Opportunities
Rx Adjustment Opportunities Delivered to Vim
Rx Adjustment Opportunities Surfaced on Vim Connect When a Patient is in Context
Provider Sees Data and Can Make Medication Adjustments
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