Vim Canvas Developer Platform - Vim
This presents an opportunity for a new class of solutions to be realized and we need developers like you. Build your vision on Vim Code and enjoy:
A Ready-Made Tech Solution

Less sweat equity in solving last mile, swivel chair challenges with Vim’s ready-made SDK

Cutting-Edge Accelerators

Faster development and deployment cycles that don’t require EHR vendor collaboration (direct to practice)

Intelligent In-EHR Actions

More flexibility to clinical triggers and context – which is not available in HL7 and FHIR connectivity frameworks

Friction Free Future Updates

Over-the-air updates across a long list of EHRs – build once, deploy everywhere

All it takes is the right Canvas to turn your vision into reality - sign up above to join our growing list of developers being considered for the first phase of our developer platform and unlock a world of resources, support, and growth opportunities.