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Vim Canvas Developer Platform

Vim Canvas Developer Platform

Vim Canvas for Product Teams, Developers and Innovators.

Vim built next-generation EHR integration technology and unlocked access to EHR workflows at scale.

Now, we opened the door to accelerated innovation in healthcare with a first-of-its-kind developer platform for healthcare – Vim Canvas.

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Why should you build your application on Vim Canvas?

Build Once. Deploy Everywhere.

Build your application on top of Vim’s platform once and get access to current and future EHRs supported by Vim with no additional effort. Plus go direct to practices without EHR vendor collaboration.

Save Engineering Time. Get to Market Faster.

Developers and engineers can leverage Vim’s SDK with iFrame integration to seamlessly embed their app or experience using current code base, business logic and capabilities. No extensive coding required.

Leverage Vim’s Sandbox. Test, Iterate.

Test your app on Vim’s custom sandbox that imitates the experience of an EHR. Trigger SDK functions like read/write access and ensure your users will be engaged and delighted before you go live.

Utilize Proven Concepts. Get Support.

Vim’s SDK offers documentation and access to support. Vim’s core apps have proven usage and impact – the ideal blueprint to reference as you build your unique user experience.

All it takes is the right Canvas to turn your vision into reality.
The potential use cases for Vim’s Developer platform are vast...

How does it work?

Build Your Application on Vim Canvas – Vim’s Developer Platform and EHR Integration Layer

Integrate Directly to Vim’s Middleware Platform and Across the Most Popular EHRs

Deploy Your Application to Your Network and/or Leverage Vim’s Existing Network

Ready to unlock a world of resources, support, and growth opportunities?