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Vim Connect

Healthcare is complicated. Getting your data and applications to the point of care shouldn’t be.

Vim Connect – our middleware platform for healthcare that sits on top of the most popular EHRs – is the easiest, fastest, and most scalable way to deploy applications, enhance provider experiences, and create two-way data exchange between payers, MSOs, healthcare innovators, and providers at the point of patient care.

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Vim Connect: A complete suite of applications that sits on top of the most popular EHRs.

Connect your network faster, deploy more efficiently, engage easily and scale your value-based care programs with a proven partner and proven solutions: ready-made applications to link your data to and a first-of-its-kind developer platform.

Clinical Data Exchange

Clinical Data Exchange is the simplest and most secure way to automate data retrieval at scale during existing in-EHR workflows. Health plans and health plan vendors leverage this core application to retrieve patient charts and medical records securely and seamlessly with less provider burden. Once enabled, this application works in the background during active EHR user sessions to pull the relevant data and/or patient charts.

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Patient Insights

Vim Connect delivers patient insights from diagnosis gaps and quality opportunities to patient health history and insurance eligibility at the point of care during existing EHR workflows. This novel approach (i.e. no more portals or spreadsheets) ensures that high-impact initiatives such as value-based care can be scaled across your network while empowering physicians and lowering administrative burden.

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Our in-EHR pharmacy solutions address pharmacy workflows such as patient-specific medication adjustment recommendations and insights at the point of care. Vim Rx Assist delivers our customers’ Rx recommendation data within the context of the EHR and patient chart to improve quality performance, empower physician decision-making and reduce the total cost of care.

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Referral Guidance and Prior Authorization

Primary care providers are burdened by the administrative lift associated with manual referral steerage and prior authorization workflows. These work streams are critical components of improving the quality and efficiency of care. Vim Connect simplifies these processes by helping connect providers to payer-preferred specialist recommendations and prior auth rulesets at the point of care – including write back functionality for added ease of use.

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Developer Platform - Vim Canvas

Vim built next-generation EHR integration technology and unlocked access to EHR workflows at scale with our Vim Connect platform. Now, we are opening the door to accelerated innovation in healthcare with a first-of-its-kind developer platform for healthcare – Vim Canvas. Developers and healthcare innovators can build their proprietary applications on top of Vim’s EHR integration layer and deliver them into existing EHR workflows at the point of care.

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Scale Across EHRs
Scale Across EHRs

Vim scales across EHRs through a flexible and modular integration architecture. Unlike traditional EHR integrations, Vim’s integration engine makes it easy to connect data to care regardless of EHR.

Connect Your Network with Ease
Connect Your Network with Ease

Vim’s middleware platform can easily power your network connectivity strategy. Providers go live with minimal lift, and the process can often take less than a week.

Expand to Vim-Powered Providers
Expand to Vim-Powered Providers

Vim’s provider network experiences less admin burden and engages with data at higher levels than in previously unconnected workflows (spreadsheets, portals, emails, etc.). Some providers even call it “magic”.