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Clinical Data Exchange

Clinical Data Exchange

Vim Clinical Data Exchange is the simplest and most secure way to automate patient chart retrieval at scale during existing in-EHR workflows. No more chasing charts and managing a seemingly 
never-ending data extraction process for risk adjustment audits.

Stop Waiting Months to Collect Patient Charts

With Vim Clinical Data Exchange, patient data is securely and seamlessly collected and exchanged through Vim’s existing in-EHR connectivity. Once Vim Clinical Data Exchange is enabled, it works in the background during active EHR user sessions to pull the relevant patient charts. This means there will be fewer provider interruptions, less administrative burden, and more interoperability across organizations.

“It looks great and is magic to me right now…
something that can solve all of our problems.”

Technical Leader at Large MSO in South Florida (Serves Large MA and Medicare Population)
During Vim Clinical Data Exchange Preview

Reduce Provider Admin Burden By Leveraging Existing in-EHR Workflows to Trigger Secure Data Extraction.

Unlock Access to Hard-to-Reach Clinics with a Fully Digital Process

Improve Accuracy and Completeness of Extracted Records

Enhance Health Plan, Provider and Health Plan Vendor Collaboration with a Simplified Process

Vim Clinical Data Exchange – One Digital Solution for All

Vim partners with health plans, health plan vendors, and provider organizations to extract data during active EHR sessions. Vim Clinical Data Exchange activates as soon as a clinic user logs in to their EHR. Vim retrieves the requested patient encounter data (at any volume required) in the background AND with zero disruptions to the user’s day-to-day workflow.

Health Plans managing risk adjustment audits such as RADV audits can partner with Vim to scale and automate their patient chart retrieval process. Health plans leverage Vim’s nationwide provider network all digitally connected on Vim’s cloud-based platform, Vim Connect. And for hard-to-reach organizations, Vim’s installation process is fully digital – helping health plans onboard new provider orgs in minutes.

Health Plan Vendors retrieving charts on a health plan’s behalf can leverage Vim’s digital connectivity to replace alternative manual processes for hard-to-reach provider organizations and clinics. Vendors can leverage Vim’s in-EHR platform to better perform for their health plan customers’ risk adjustment audits.

Providers on the receiving end of patient chart and data requests are overwhelmed with administrative tasks. With Vim’s solution, the clinic user logs in to the EHR (where they work every day) to facilitate this burden-free process. Providers are empowered to review requests in advance if desired, and can receive a receipt of charts retrieved for their records. No more back and forth with health plans or their vendors on chart retrieval status.

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