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Enhanced Eligibility

Enhanced Eligibility

Vim’s Enhanced Eligibility solution puts important patient-specific benefits information – from plan coverage dates to out-of-pocket costs – at a provider’s fingertips within existing EHR workflows. Vim Enhanced Eligibility takes the mystery and the hassle out of coverage confirmation.

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The best patient care plan is not possible without the plan details.

With Vim Eligibility, provider care teams can treat the patient with confidence knowing what care options and resources are available for their patients from a single view.

Patient-specific benefits data embeds directly into existing EHR interfaces.

Providers gain visibility into cost sharing, formularies, centers of excellence, and more.

Vim makes integration easy, allowing care teams to see patient benefits at the point of care without significant provider IT team lift.

Increase awareness and drive strategic program utilization with Vim Eligibility.

Time spent in portals or on the phone is time taken away from patients. With Vim Eligibility, care teams aren’t distracted by the hunt for details, they are focused on how to make the most of the resources and programs available to patients. Below is an example of the benefits data available at the point of care and at the click of a button for care teams using Vim Eligibility*:

  • Patient Name
  • Coverage Dates
  • Co-Pay/Cost Sharing Details
  • Group Number
  • Primary Care Physician
  • In and Out of Network Details
  • Plan Name
  • Referral Requirements
*Benefits/plan data can be customized by data partner or insurer based on specific needs

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