Point of Care Solutions With Vim

Point-of-Care Solutions

Vim’s scalable point-of-care solutions platform connects data, applications, insights and experiences to clinical workflows that power value-based care operations and help providers enhance quality of care and performance.

Vim’s Point of Care Solutions Overview

Providers are under increased pressure to do more with less. Vim helps fill a common gap when it comes to point-of-care solutions, giving providers access to accurate, timely data without lengthy and costly implementation. Vim and the data and applications it powers enable healthcare professionals to make quicker, more accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions, improve patient outcomes, and reduce unnecessary healthcare resource utilization.

Access to medical expertise and diagnostics is becoming increasingly essential. Point-of-care solutions technology represents a paradigm shift, where healthcare professionals can seamlessly merge data-driven 
decision-making with personalized patient engagement, all in real time and at the point of patient care.

Why Choose Vim for Point-of-Care Solutions?

Vim delivers data, application and insights in the form of a point-of-care solution without the time-consuming or expensive process that happens with legacy integration and other disconnected point-of-care solutions.

Vim’s point-of-care solution is creating a collaborative and connected ecosystem that brings Vim’s core applications and new solutions to the point of care for providers to leverage. How? Vim’s developer platform helps bring innovators (developers, product owners, applications) to the point of care. This helps providers gain access to the right tools and resources to drive business value and streamline operations.

As such, Vim is building a point-of-care solutions marketplace where providers will be able to choose the applications and tools that add value to their daily work, that support clinical decision-making and help improve patient experience. Vim-connected clinic networks demonstrate improved performance in quality, risk adjustment accuracy, referral steerage and more. Vim’s in-EHR point-of-care solutions technology enhances workflows at the point of patient care.

point of care solutions
How does Vim’s Point-of-Care Solution Work:

The provider downloads Vim’s web-based point-of-care solution or the solution is broadly deployed across a provider network.

The provider logs into their Vim-connected EHR.

Vim sits on top of the most popular EHRs

During an open encounter, a secure browser extension or desktop agent automatically surfaces the Vim icon or third-party icon within the EHR when a relevant insight or action is available.

The provider’s workflow is enhanced and various actions or insights are available to the provider including write back and in-app workflows.

Point-of-care solutions are readily available to the provider in their day-to-day workflows across the most popular EHRs.

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