Value-Based Care Solutions With Vim

Value-Based Care Solutions

Vim’s Value-based Care Solutions

Accelerate your network’s transition to value-based care with Vim’s proven value-based care solutions. We understand value-based care and can help customers achieve their goals and operationalize VBC and quality initiatives and programs.

Additionally, there is a shift to empowering providers and ensuring they are technology-enabled with proven value-based care solutions. After all, providers are the on-the-ground levers for monetizing and moving value-based care programs forward. Our expertise, adoption, and engagement levels in the provider landscape are unmatched.

Clinical Data Exchange
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Patient Insights
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Referral Steerage/ Prior Auth
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Last-Mile Connectivity
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Why Choose Vim for Value-based Care Operations?

Vim is a leader in helping accelerate performance on value-based agreements through several dynamic, context aware solutions through its proprietary technology, Vim Connect. Vim’s customers use Vim’s technology to deliver data, patient and clinical insights, and customer-owned provider empowerment applications at the point of patient care.

Vim then embeds care gaps and suspected diagnoses into existing EHR encounter workflows, putting this key piece of value-based care data in the right place at the right time and automating in-EHR workflows to help address certain types of gaps. This reduces manual work for provider teams, enables bidirectional data capture from the point of care, and drives improved performance on quality score and risk adjustment performance. To learn more about Vim’s comprehensive value-based care solutions platform, click here.

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