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Vim Canvas Pricing

Vim Canvas Pricing

Vim makes it easy for you to scale your application costs with our diverse package and pricing options:

Vim Canvas Usage-Based Pricing Model Options:
Starter Access
Design and test your application before choosing a plan.

Who is this right for?

  • Access to developer platform
  • Ability to build application using Vim workflows
  • Design and testing only. Activation and distribution of application requires a package
Active Member Pricing (AMP) Billed Based on Per Member Per Month (PMPM)

Who is this right for?

  • Patient-based pricing model in use or applicable to workflow
  • Application is enabled based on patient in context in the EHR
  • Allows for unlimited clinic-level users

A mental health referral solution

Per User Per Month (PUPM)

Who is this right for?

  • User-based pricing model in use or applicable to application
  • Application is always available and is not specific to patients
  • Based on number of users/year for which the application is enabled

An efficiency solution such as a medical documentation tool

Need Custom/Enterprise Pricing?

Implementation/Network Distribution Options to Connect Clinics Faster

Vim’s integration experts can work directly with clinics on your behalf to get your application in front of end users faster and more efficiently using our proven processes. .