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  • Vim partners with Sanitas USA to implement best-in-class digital scheduling solution

Vim partners with Sanitas USA to implement best-in-class digital scheduling solution

December 2, 2020

  • Sanitas USA deploys Vim’s best-in-class online search and booking experience to improve patient access and experience while streamlining scheduling operations.
  • Sanitas patients can now find a provider that matches their preference and schedule appointments through a modern, intuitive search and booking experience.
  • Vim Digital Scheduling implemented in partnership with Lucerna Health’s marketing and engagement communication solutions.
  • Vim solution on increases online bookings by over 3x and facilitates over 10,000 bookings in first 60 days.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sanitas USA, a leading national health care provider organization, has partnered with health care technology company Vim to launch a best-in-class online search and appointment booking experience for Sanitas patients. Beginning in October 2020, Sanitas deployed Vim’s Digital Scheduling solution to make it easier for patients to schedule online visits, to increase online appointment volume, and to improve operational efficiency. The solution, which drove a dramatic uptick in online scheduling, was implemented in partnership with Lucerna Health, a value-based care technology and engagement company.


“Patient access and experience are top priorities for Sanitas, and we are thrilled to launch this enhanced online booking experience for our patients in collaboration with Vim and Lucerna,” said Juan Estrada, Chief Operating Officer, Sanitas USA. “After less than a month live with Vim, our online booking rates were three times higher than previously. We’re already seeing the benefits in terms of increased online bookings and reduced staff phone call time.”


Self-service online scheduling is increasingly important for community health care providers as consumer expectations change, and as large retailers expand health care offerings. With Vim’s Digital Scheduling solution, Sanitas USA is achieving an industry-leading online scheduling experience, as measured by booking completion rates and time spent per booking. This strategy is paying off, as online bookings are up by a factor of 3 and over 30% of online bookings are for new patient visits.


Sanitas patients can schedule appointments with hundreds of Sanitas providers across Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut and Tennessee. They can search for providers based on location, gender, preferred language, and telehealth capability. Booking is available 24/7, and more than 25% of online bookings to date have been made outside of regular business hours.


“We’re excited to support Sanitas USA as they offer a world-class online search and scheduling solution to their patients,” said Brigham Hamlin, Vice President of Provider Growth at Vim. “We’re making care more connected in partnership with payers and providers across the country, and our commitment to patient experience and provider empowerment is a perfect fit with the teams at Sanitas and Lucerna Health.”


“We’re thrilled to partner with Vim to provide a unique joint solution to Sanitas USA,” said Adriana Murillo, Co-Founder of Lucerna Health. “Early results from our deployment show how powerful it can be to offer Vim’s simple customer-centric digital solution combined with our insights and engagement platform.”


About Sanitas USA

Sanitas USA is a subsidiary of Keralty, a leading multinational health organization serving more than 5 million people with presence in Spain, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Sanitas also includes educational and socially focused organizations that complement its world of health mission. In the U.S., Sanitas has 58 medical centers throughout Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut and New Jersey in close partnership with local leading health insurance organizations. Sanitas brings a unique integrated care model that improves access to quality and culturally relevant primary and urgent care while reducing the total cost of care. For more information about Sanitas, visit


About Vim

Vim is a technology company that builds digital infrastructure for US health care. Health plans, patients, and medical providers of every size––from independent practitioners to integrated delivery systems––use Vim software to connect data and care across the health system. Vim’s mission is to power affordable, high quality health care through seamless connectivity and a suite of solutions for scheduling, care gaps, referrals, and benefit visibility. For more information, please visit


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Lucerna Health helps health care providers and payers grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving marketplace, through industry-leading technology and data-driven marketing and engagement services. By integrating payers and providers, and by building value-driven consumer engagement journeys, Lucerna improves the consumer experience and drives strong ROI through acquisition, retention and engagement programs. For more information, visit