Stellar Health Chooses Vim as Point-of-Care Connection Platform
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  • Stellar Health Chooses Vim as Point-of-Care Connection Platform for Next Generation of Value-Based Care Enablement

Stellar Health Chooses Vim as Point-of-Care Connection Platform for Next Generation of Value-Based Care Enablement

Stellar to scale its value-based solutions with Vim Connect’s in-EHR connection platform.


NEW YORK, January 18, 2023  – Vim, the fastest-growing point-of-care connection platform in U.S. healthcare, has announced an agreement with Stellar Health (Stellar), a healthcare technology company leading the industry in operationalizing value-based care (VBC) arrangements for payors and providers. The customer partnership will help Stellar meet providers where they are through Vim’s flagship technology, Vim Connect, to optimize value-based workflows that deliver improved patient care and reward providers and their staff for the time it takes to complete those workflows.


EHRs are used by physicians and care teams to collect and store patient health information, but they typically lack complete and coordinated data that match gaps tracked by the payor. This can lead to missed opportunities to engage with patients in value-based arrangements.


Stellar Health leverages historical patient information to prompt primary care providers and their care teams of gaps and opportunities around healthcare regimens at the point of care. The company’s unique incentive design rewards providers and staff for completing granular VBC actions focused on quality improvement, management of chronic conditions, and others to improve patient health outcomes.


“By integrating Stellar’s value-based actions and real-time incentives into Vim’s in-EHR workflow solution, we expect to significantly increase engagement and improve performance across our practice network by making it easier for providers and teams to access the right information at the right time,” said Michael Meng, CEO of Stellar Health. “The ability to deliver high-value incentives and opportunities at scale during patient encounters is an exciting step forward for our product and mission.”


Vim’s flagship technology, Vim Connect, will link timely in-EHR actions to Stellar’s granular action recommendation and real-time incentivization. The initial deployment will include Vim’s suspected condition and care gap solutions. The partnership and time to go live at the first practice were achieved in fewer than 90 days due to the synergies between the organizations and Vim’s ability to scale quickly across diverse EHRs.


Vim’s CEO, Oron Afek said, “Stellar has a proven innovative model of using real-time incentives to drive behavior change. By embedding Stellar into existing EHR workflows we will together raise the bar for what point-of-care engagement and tech-enabled value-based care acceleration look like.”


As of today’s announcement, Vim Connect is live at the first set of Stellar Health practices on the East Coast of the U.S. with an accelerated roll-out planned for its national footprint in the coming months.


About Stellar Health
Stellar Health (“Stellar”) is a healthcare technology company focused on enabling success across the value-based care (“VBC”) continuum by bridging the incentive gap between providers and payors. The Stellar solution is the first point-of-care, cloud-based platform that helps primary care providers continually engage with their patients by providing them real-time information and tangible action-based incentives for improving quality of care. With Stellar, providers can achieve a range of VBC goals, like improving quality scores and optimizing the patient care journey through transitions of care and high-value referrals, all with the objective of improving patient health. For more information on Stellar Health, visit


About Vim
Founded in 2015, Vim connects data to workflow at health care’s “last mile”: within clinical operations at the point of patient care. Health plans and medical providers of every size – from independent practitioners to integrated delivery systems – use Vim software to connect data and care across the health system. Vim’s mission is to power affordable, high-quality health care through seamless connectivity. For more information, please visit