Danielle is a powerhouse on Vim’s operations team. She helps patients and providers with extremely important care coordination.


How do you make care coordination comprehensive and friendly?

I believe that good communication is key to the success of individuals and businesses. More often than not messages can get lost in translation due to the volume of requests, confusion regarding complex issues/processes, etc. I want to help guide patients through the complexities of the medical process so they are able to be seen by the providers who can take care of their medical needs.


How do you decompress after a day of guiding patients through their referral journey?

Running, hugging my three cats, and/or indulging in either cat videos, chocolate, or comic books/Disney movies.


After 10 years in finance, why did healthcare speak to you?

While I enjoyed educating others on how to navigate their finances and how to best utilize their financial tools, I made the switch to healthcare because I want to create positive change within an industry that is in dire need of fixing.


What was the main reason you joined Vim?

I joined Vim because I love helping others and wanted to work in a role where I could provide support and make a positive impact in the way that patients and their providers connect.


What three adjectives would you use to describe the Vim culture?

Fast-paced, Challenging, Rewarding


What is your spirit animal and why?

The cat because I have sporadic bouts of energy and cherish nap times (yes this is nap times plural) in sunny spots. That and cats are Paw-some!