AWS Health Innovation Podcast #77 Vim's Journey to Enabling Healthcare Innovation at Scale - Vim

Enabling Healthcare Innovation at Scale

Healthcare is ripe for disruption. Legacy systems bog down workflows, create data silos, and frustrate both patients and providers. That’s where Vim comes in. In this episode, Guy Spigelman from AWS talks with Oron Afek, co-founder and CEO of Vim. Vim built next-generation EHR integration technology, and now it is opening its doors to accelerated innovation in healthcare with a first-of-its-kind developer platform for healthcare. Afek gives us the inside story on Vim’s pivots, the journey toward its “app store” for healthcare, its people, and its path to profitability.


Oron Afek

CEO, Vim

Guy Spigelman

EMEA Lead, Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups, AWS