Creating a Network Shared Distribution - Vim

Creating a Network Shared Distribution

  1. Pick a network-accessible server that everyone can access to configure the shared folder, preferably a
    file server.
  2. Create a folder, right-click it, click the Sharing tab, and then advanced sharing.
  3. On the advanced sharing window, click the box to share this folder.
    You may configure any name you want for the share.
  4. Click the Permissions button.
  5. On the share permissions screen, make sure that everyone has read permissions only.
  6. Click ok to return to the properties page and then click the Security tab.
  7. Add Everyone and give it read & execute, list, and read permissions.
  8. On the remote computer, in the search box type \\hostname\sharename and press Enter. For example, in the following image, the server name is “ftp-1” and the shared folder name is “Vim”.
  9. If the shared folder is accessible, the folder has been successfully configured.
  10. Move the MSI and .bat script to the folder. You may now continue the GPO deployment process.