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Vim Asset Library

Welcome to our asset library for Vim-connected clinics. Here you will find useful documentation and links regarding Vim, our applications, and workflows.

IMPORTANT: We update our assets frequently as our products and offerings change, to ensure you are using the most up to date version of our assets – simply share the links below as those links will remain constant even as content changes. If you download and share files, we cannot guarantee they will remain up to date.

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Below you will find various assets related to the install of Vim and activation of user accounts.

Clinic User Activation

Step-by-step guide for users to activate their account

Vim Chrome Extension

Step-by-step installation guide for Vim’s Chrome Extension

Microsoft Service Installer

Step-by-step guide for implementation via MSI

GPO Install

Step-by-step guide for implementation via GPO

Vim Interface

An overview of the Vim Connect user interface

Vim Applications

An overview of all Vim application’s purpose and a brief walkthrough of how to use each app.

* Please note, your organization may not have all applications enabled.

Console & Troubleshooting

Assets relating to the Admin Console and basic troubleshooting

Admin Console

Basic Troubleshooting

In-app Support

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