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I hand-picked a few articles and documents I thought might help you as you explore ways to achieve provider engagement at scale for initiatives such as referral steerage and risk adjustment accuracy with Vim’s in-EHR point-of-care engagement platform, Vim Connect.

I also wanted to let you know specifically about our in-app integration with Availity that keeps providers in workflow within the EHR. I know your providers are using the Availity portal and with the Vim and Availity Integration you can achieve faster and more streamlined referral requests and scale referral steerage with no 
out-of-workflow portals.

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Director, Strategic Growth, Vim

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Availity & Vim Announcement

An innovative new initiative, extending payer-provider engagement from platform to the point of care

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Wondering what Vim does?

Vim is a Point-of-Care connection platform that connects data to enhanced workflows directly in provider EHRs.

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A guide to

Successful, technology-enabled payer-provider partnerships



Vim and Availity Integration for Order Assist

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Vim Order Assist

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