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Potential Users – Verification and Auto-creation

The Potential Users page in Console allows you to view and manage all users that Vim detects as having our software installed on their machine, but that are not yet activated as users within the Vim system. Before this subset of users can log on and use all of the Vim Connect applications, they must each be created and designated as Vim users.


Auto Verification

The Potential Users page presents a table of all users that are detected by Vim and are ready to be edited or created. 

In addition, Vim now includes a  “verified user” icon next to those users that Vim was able to verify against the Electronic Health Record’s (EHR’s) database. 

Auto Creation

Additionally, a new optional feature that can be toggled on and off allows for automatic roster creation. Once toggled on (see above in green), Vim will automatically create a user for those users that Vim detected and verified against the EHR’s database. This convenience feature helps streamline and automate the roster creation process for all Vim-verified users. As an admin, you can periodically visit this interface to double-check that any users yet to be verified do not need to be manually verified and includes in your roster. 

Adding a User

  • After logging in to Vim Console, click on the “Potential Users” tab in the menu on the left hand side
  • In the “users ready to be created” segment, check the box next to one or more users
  • Click on the “create” button that will appear on the top of the user list

Editing user details

  • After entering the Potential Users page, click on any field of any user, in any of the segments
  • A small interface will open to enter or edit the information
  • After entering the required data, click on “save”
  • When editing a user that is in the “users with missing mandatory fields” segment, once all mandatory fields are entered, the user will be moved to the segment of “users ready to be created”

On-hold users

  • On-hold users are users that you, as the admin of your organization, have determined do not need to be created at this time
  • To move a user to the “on hold” list, click on the three dots icon to the right of the user row, and then on the “mark on hold” button
  • When a user is in the “on hold” list, you may click again on the three dots to the right of the user row, and then on the “remove from on hold” button

Please note:

  1. Please make sure to add a correct email and phone number – these fields are critical when using a single sign on login method, or when signing in using Vim credentials
  2. The address fields is meant for the place of business address – the clinic address, for example

Questions?  Contact your Vim representative or reach us at [email protected]