Adding a User through the Admin Console - Vim

Adding a User through the Admin Console

As the admin user in your organization, you are able to manage your organization’s roster through Vim console.

All actions are performed through the Console, so you must obtain login credentials from your Vim account manager or the Vim focal point in your organization.

Log in to the Console may include two-factor authentication for security purposes, and will require access to your email or phone.



Adding a user

  • After logging in to Vim Console, click on the “Users” tab in the menu on the lefthand side
  • Click on the “Add user” button
  • Fill in the full information of the user you would like to add
  • Click on the submit button


Please note:

  1. EHR username- in this field please specify the existing EHR username of the person you are adding as a user to Vim. This connection will help to automatically connect the user to his Vim account
  2. Please make sure to add a correct email and phone number – these fields are critical when using a single sign-on login method, or when signing in using Vim credentials
  3. The address fields are meant for the place of business address – the clinic address for example
  4. The Applications list may remain empty, and in this case, the new user will have access to all applications available for your organization. If you want to limit the access of this user to only a few of the applications, please specify which ones.



Full flow

The users tab in the left hand menu:


Add user button, on top of the screen in the users page:

Add user button image

New user pop up:

New user pop image

The ‘applications’ list may be expanded, and applications may be turned off or on for the user:

Create userform image

The Address field may also be expanded, to enter a full address.

Questions? Contact your Vim representative or reach us at [email protected]