Lior is the Technical Recruiter in Tel Aviv. She believes anyone who joins the company will share the mission and DNA unique to Vim.


From all the other companies you recruited for in the past, what is different about Vim?

I think that the most prominent thing in the company is the added value we bring with the product. We’re coming to change a very painful problem in American society, and this is not another company whose entire goal is to make money. People who work here are very engaged to the mission and believe that we can make the change and create order within the current mess. Beyond our top goal as a company, the team is made up of amazing people, each expert in his field and we maintain a very high professional level. It is very important to us that anyone who joins the company will share the sense of mission we feel about our goal, and of course will share a DNA that is so unique to the company.


What is the craziest request you have ever received from a candidate?

Except for the money?:) There was a candidate (who even works here!) Who wanted to choose the color of his laptop. I think this is the strangest request I’ve ever encountered. But beyond that, candidates often know what they deserve and know how to demand it. It is important to us that whoever comes to us will come because he wants to work here and be part of this amazing thing called Vim!


What do you think is most important when it comes to recruiting?

I think the most important thing is to find the balance between creating diversity and maintaining the company’s existing DNA so that things continue to work well. In the end, my influence on the organizational culture and how the company will look is big, and that’s why I have to work with a lot of gut feelings and also based on the professional level of the people we recruit. In addition, I always try to imagine how the candidate will fit into the team- to whom he can connect, with whom he will have common topics of conversation and how quickly he will be able to get involved professionally. It’s not a simple task and it’s a very big challenge as a recruiter but that’s the thing I like most about my job!


What was the main reason you joined Vim?

I knew Vim as I worked in my previous workplace and was very impressed by the company’s conduct and atmosphere. I also knew that the company was dealing with a very important product that could make a big revolution in healthcare in the United States and I was very interested in being part of and contributing what I could to the company. From the moment I joined the company, I realized how amazing the team is and what added value the company has to offer. Unlike other start-up companies in Israel today that are excellent companies but do not deal with such an important field as the one we are dealing with.


What three adjectives would you use to describe the Vim culture?

Collaborative, Transparency, Commitment


What is your spirit animal and why?

I would choose a dog, also because it is my favorite animal but also because of his loyalty, the emotional intelligence that is very high, he is always happy to see you and stand by you in the best moments and bad in life.