Jan 1, 1990 – Nov 1, 2019

If there is one thing that Ofir is known for besides his beautiful smile, it is his huge heart. He had the love of humanity in his heart and the power to create happiness. Ofir was so kind, giving, polite, so genuine, and so considerate. He made the world special just by being in it. I miss him so much! 

– Jenny Roybul

Things I learned from Ofir:

• First of all, be a good man

• Work hard

• Plan ahead and be professional

• Be sure you got everything covered

• You can do all of the above and still invest in yourself and your loved ones

Thanks for everything my friend, I will always remember you

-Ori Avraham

Ofir was one of my best friends. He had an amazing ability to connect with everyone and be extraordinarily caring.
I really miss him, to the cynicism and the laughter, to the long conversations we had and especially who he was for me.

-Lior Weintraube