Caleagh is one of our Provider Growth Managers in San Francisco who uses her data driven skillset to help Vim find better solutions that help physicians and their patients.


What was the main reason you joined Vim?

I studied Public Health in college with the intention of working in healthcare, but by the time I graduated, I was so discouraged by my new understanding of the broken healthcare system that I chose to work in a different sector entirely. While working in venture capital, I saw a number of innovative healthcare tech companies, but when I was introduced to Vim and learned about their mission, strategy and unique positioning, I immediately knew I wanted to join.


What three adjectives would you use to describe Vim’s culture?

Challenging, dedicated, and fun!


What is your spirit animal and why?

A dog! I love everyone, and especially love hanging with my “pack” whom I am fiercely loyal to.


How many presentations have you given in the last year at Vim?

Easily north of 100 various external and internal presentations! Come to me with any Google Slide questions!


What is one skill you have learned at Vim that you didn’t expect to?

I learned SQL!


Given that you have now worked with providers in multiple states, are there any differences that you see between their pain points and how they view healthcare in the US?

Regardless of location, all providers seem to share the similar views and struggles. They want to do the right thing by their patients and truly want to provide the best care possible.